Do you know an Autism Parent? Here’s how to support them!

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The rate at which special needs cases are being detected lately in India is alarming. It’s not that the rate of occurrence is the only thing that’s rising, but awareness of developmental disorders is also raising and more and more … Continued

Freedom to choose a career – Applies to “YOU” as much as it does to Men!

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  Dear Fellow Women,   We are today’s women. Liberal, progressive, Independent & Ambitious – Right? We have the freedom to choose what we want to wear, what we want to eat, where we want to go etc. Yes, I … Continued

Talking to young girls about Puberty

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We all pay emphasis on talking to our toddlers & preschoolers about good & bad touch, but when it comes to talking about sex, puberty & menstruation, we shy away from talking. This article will give you a starting point on how to talk to your girls about puberty & menstrual cycle.

Adoption over Pregnancy – A whole new breed of parents!!!

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In recent years as science has progressed, People who are struggling with conception have a lot of options – IUI, IVF, Donated eggs & sperms & a lot other Assisted Reproductive Treatments, Surrogacy etc.

But there are a lot of parents who are going a step ahead & adopting kids. This blog is dedicated to such parents – A Whole New Breed of “Heart Parents”

“We are with you, my child” – Against Sexual Abuse

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As a parent, we always try our best to prepare our kids against abuse sexual predators and molesters. We talk to them about appropriate vs. inappropriate touch, we practice role plays, we give them strategies as to what to do … Continued

What!!!! You, and Depression??? No Ways!!!

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Unless someone like you who cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better, it’s not.  Dr. Suess (The Lorax) You know what’s the most alarming thing about depression? 1 in every 4 person is likely to have … Continued

The Post Partum Devil

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“We are not rich people dear. We are not even middle class for that matter. How can we afford a full time maid or nanny? You will have to manage kids on your own. Get a local day maid for … Continued

Alternative Sexuality – A Parent’s Perspective

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Few days back I was watching NEWS when I heard a hate speech by a very influential political figure against the LGBT community. Of-course, its not new to us, right? We keep on hearing some or the other person, whether … Continued