I am grateful to be a woman of 2017!

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I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Gagandeep Kochar for introducing me. Read her awesome blogs by clicking HERE on the prompt for today Being a Woman in India, 2017.   If I was … Continued

Maa Durga, you finally listened!

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“Maa, The ice cream is really yummy. And it’s your favorite Pan flavor. Why don’t you take one scoop maa. And what’s the fun of pandaal hopping if you don’t enjoy the yummy street food here in Kolkata” she said. … Continued

When Buddha & I met over coffee!

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I was sitting on the park bench with the mug of steaming hot coffee in my hands, watching the greenery around & enjoying the book I had been wanting to read for so long. I kept the book aside to … Continued

The day I was reborn – the day I became a Mother!

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“Didi, I think it’s time! You should be going to the hospital now.” “Now? It’s too soon. The 7th month has just ended. I think I have few more weeks before I need to go to the hospital Aarti.” “No … Continued

GOT – The Dreamer in The King’s Landing

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This article is a piece if fiction written by the GOT (Game of Thrones) fan in me, dedicated to all the GOT fans out there.   When I was a young girl – a school girl who had just discovered … Continued

The Treasure of my life – Photographs for Memories

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My grandfather passed away when my father was merely a year old. We never got a chance to see him or get to know him, but still I know what he looked like. I have a distant cousin whom I … Continued