Breast Cancer – Self Screening for Early Action

A lot of times we tend to ignore small or big changes in our body & tend to ignore our self & our health. A lot of times things turn out to be fine, but well, not 100% of times. I have learnt this lesson at the time I was trying to get pregnant that sometimes ignoring small changes or not taking action on time can sometimes lead to huge medical issues & can end up in physical, emotional & financial hardships in life. Thus, when a few days I started to feel some changes in my breast, it freaked me out. I started to talk to people who know more about Breast Cancer & started to read about it. I realized I did not know as much as I or anyone ideally should know to be able to detect & take timely action on this matter. Thus, I decided to share my learning with you all so that I play my role in spreading the word as much as I individually can.


Technically speaking Breast Cancer is a cancer that develops from breast tissues. Signs of Breast Cancer may include a lump in the breast, fluid oozing from the nipples, dimpling of the skin or red scaly patch of skin. The number of cases are ion a rise & more and more younger women are being diagnosed with breast cancer. More than 47% diagnosed women are below 50 years of age. Thus with the rise of the number of cases, the rise in awareness is also a must.


Breast Cancer



Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer


In more than 80% diagnosed cases, the diagnose is made when a lump is discovered – a typical lump that feels different from rest of the breast tissues. Lumps discovered in lymph nodes which is under the arm pit is also indicative of Breast cancer. In few cases it is diagnosed in mammogram during regular health checkups. Sometimes change in size of breast, a nipple changing it’s position & inflammation & pain in breast is also an indicative of Breast Cancer. So what can we do to make sure that we detect such cases on time to be able to take timely treatment & action? The answer is regular Self Screening.

Breast Cancer Self Exam


Women above 30 are encouraged to do a self examination once every month to make sure that they are able to detect any lumps early on. How? Here is a guideline for it :




  •  In front of the mirror – Visually examine the breast with your hands on the side & then stretched overhead. Look for change in position, any change in size, swelling, dimpling in the skin or changes in nipples.
  • In the shower – using the tips of your fingers, move them in a circular motion from outside to center for the whole breast & armpits on both sides. See if you can feel any hard knot, lump or thickening.
  • Lying Down – While in lying down position, the breast tissues spread outwards thus any lumps deep inside become east to be felt & discovered. Place a pillow under the shoulder & with the tips of your finger moving them around in circular motion try to feel if there is any lump.

Use different variants of pressure – Light, moderate & firm. Squeeze the nipples to check if there is a discharge or lumps there.


If you discover a lump, don’t panic. 8 out of 10 lumps are not cancerous or life threatening & are easily removable. But the first thing to do is report to your doctor & get a mammogram scheduled to rule out all possibilities or be to able to take action on time!


Just Remember – Early detection can save a life. This could be your life or life of your sister, friend, mother, wife, your maid, your boss or an aunt. So spread the word & become Pink Ribbon ambassadors. Every women you know, tell her about self test & urge them to take a self test every month.


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  1. Your article address current health problem faced by women especially in India. The problem is women are very reluctant to speak about breast and vaginal health
    Good post. Hope women reads this post follow instructions

  2. This is so informative.. Often women ignore small changes and think it’s normal and would just disappear.. And if it’s to do with the breast then even more.. For some reason even talking about the breast is often hush hush or considered a taboo..

    • I agree and that is why people like us who write & reach people have to take up the task of generating awareness.

  3. This is such an amazing post. And the subject you have chosen is pertinent to women health and wellness. Great images. The statistics are unreal. I hope this reaches to a whole lot of women and they too spread it further. Thank you for this!

  4. Regular self inspection is the way to race ahead this silent killer.. This post is going to educate a lot of women who might not even have any idea about the disease. Great job…

  5. Thanks for sharing this….please ladies take care of yourself…we always put everyone first….and we tend to take ourself granted…do not this….

  6. Not a lot of people I know are aware of the symptoms and examination. I should take the responsibility of spreading aware in my family first. And tour post reminds me I’ve hit 30 and should start doing this myself too 🙂

  7. Every woman needs to be aware of her own health. But we ignore ourselves, Especially after becoming a mother … You wrote about a very good topic. Thank you very much for that ?

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  9. Wow that’s some useful information… I loved the way you have written every detail down… I am sharing these among all my friends!!!


  10. You have picked a much needed to be aware of topic. Women tend to underestimate the need to talk about it openly. Self examination is very very important.

  11. Hi Shalu, the statistics is really shocking.. It’s difficult to ascertain why is there a steep rise in the numbers every year.. thankfully awareness is more these days..


  12. This post took me to my childhood When My mom was diagnosed with Breat tumor which was thank fully not malign. But yes she had suffred a lot. This post is great and will creat awaress among young women and moms. Thanks for sharing the post Shalu.

  13. This is really a informative post. These days breast cancer problem is increasing on a large scale. There is need to educate ladies about it symptoms, cure and many more. This post is really very important to be read by all. Your self test tips are useful for all. Thanks for sharing

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