Babywearing – # 1 of 7 Parenting Mantras that Helped my Sanity


Ever since I got to know I am expecting twins, I knew what I am signing up for. Life was going to be a roller coaster ride! Just like the heart, my hands were also always going to be full. I understood one thing early on that “Go with the flow” approach might not help me in long run. I needed to get more organised, read up & decide on STRATEGIES or PARENTING MANTRAS that would make my life easier & help my sanity. Yes, You heard it right – Strategies. With no elders or full time help around, it was just my husband & I who were expected to handle everything on our own. We decided on methods or trends of parenting that we will adopt, made informed choices & decisions & ended up in a very comfortable parenting space. Babywearing is one of those choices we made.


I had heard a lot about Babywearing & of-course had seen a lot of parents carrying their infants in popular easily available carriers. Little did I research & in a haste I ended up ordering a non ergonomic twin baby carrier – TwinTrexx from USA. Well, for initial few months that was also a blessing. At night when my daughters had severe gas & colic pain, I used to carry them one at a time & walk around inside the house till they fell asleep. But my life totally changed when I was introduced to Ergonomic Babywearing. My daughters were around 4 months old back then. Today they are 2.5+ years & still there is no looking back. Till date Babywearing is one of the best parenting choices I had ever made.


Here are 5 reasons why Babywearing was such a blessing for me

  • I was able to go out and enjoy with friends & family without leaving the kids behind or having to carry them in my arms all the while. It helped me feel like being a mother doesn’t mean being stuck inside the house with your kids. Babywearing taught me that motherhood doesn’t always need to be a painful and difficult time, but it can be a time full of joy, laughter, cuddles & smiles.


  • I was able to take 3 vacations, 4 flights, long hours train journeys & 100s of weekend outings even before my girls started to walk. For a lot of parents (& fellow passengers) a baby on the flight is a nightmare. We had 2 with us, but still we never had a uncomfortable situation. Most of the flights my daughters were sleeping snuggled on our chest inside the carriers. We had such wonderful vacations just because we always carried our carriers along.



  • I got to meet a lot of like minded people, made some awesome connections & friends through the connection of baby-wearing. I started as a learner in the baby-wearing meets & soon I was educating others on safe & comfortable use of Ergonomic Baby Carriers. I connected to Brand owners, Educators & a lot of new moms struggling & wanting to learn baby wearing by being a baby wearing mom myself.


  • I got to go out & enjoy some fun moments not just with my family & friends but also with strangers at times in some fun Baby-wearing sessions. I was able to walk a special Pinkathon for baby-wearing moms wearing my daughters, I was able to groove n dance in a Baby-wearing dance session and a lot more. I could have otherwise never imagined either leaving my kids behind & enjoying such sessions or being there with kids in my arms for that long.



  • The best of all is I got to meet some celebrities. In a way I felt like a celebrity myself. I made friends with Bayiravi Mani, who is owner of KolKol Baby Carriers (Click for link) & a gem of a person. The highlight of my Baby-wearing journey was when during a Pinkathon event I got to meet Milind Soman. Such a star struck moment it was!






P.S. – This blog is part of a series of 7 blogs on the theme of 7 Parenting Mantras that Helped my Sanity written as a part of BarAThon 2017.

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  1. Shalu, the baby wearing carrier is really cute and seems to be practical!
    Loved the pic with Milind Soman, I’m sure it was the added bonus ?

  2. Baby wearing is very helpful, it saves our forearms for sure as well as saves baby from being crushed or over pressured with our weight, of course unknowingly. Thanks wifey for featuring me in your blog.

    • Thank you dear. Yes, vacations are super fun just because we dont have to kill our self over carrying kids in arms.

  3. I envy you all lovelies for all these ultra things available to make you a happy mom. I missed these – baby wearing, baby centred items and all. Heart warming post. Expecting to read more about your parenting mantras ……

  4. Wow Shalu. .. you are indeed a super mom.. quite informative blog it is .. keep up the good work ..All the best !!!

    • Thanks Dear. No less a supermom than you are. You are an inspiration & the reason I got back to my worklife!!

  5. Milind Soman ❤ ❤ ….
    Shalu, love the blog, baby wearing is indeed a life saver especially during outings. I absolutely love that baby wearing carrier.

  6. That’s a very informative blog.
    My twins are 3 plus years and I still regret I did not baby wear them.This info is great for new mommies

  7. Shalu. i can never thank u enough cause u r the one who introduced me to babywearing.. its been a bliss since then.. From Kolkol to Dikri.. i always love to carry Muskan..So many travels since then.. and the journeys is just so amazing..

  8. Very inspiring post shalu… now u r tempting me to try kol kol baby carrier. …n yes i loveddd d pic with milind soman 😀

  9. BABY Wearing has been such a boon for me as well. By reading your piece on it confirms that I have invested in the right product. Thank you.

  10. What cute pics! I, for one, really needed to read this post. Had my first successful 30 mins of toddler wearing yesterday and I’m feeling mighty proud. It’s thanks to babywearing moms like you Shalu that I got inspired to give baby wearing another try! ?

  11. Hats off to u Shalu. Its not easy with twins and you are doing a great job. This baby wearing was not there when my girls were small. But this looks like a cool thing and helpful too.

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  13. Shalu,I have read so much good about baby wearing till now that I feel I have almost used it. When my kids have grown up then this concept has come?

  14. This is going to be so inspiring for a new mom. But for a toddler mom like me, i feel i should use baby carrier too hahaha. no kidding. what a fantastic post ❤

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    • Make sure you buy an Ergonomic & Safety Tested one. All the best. I am sure you will love wearing your baby!