Ever since I got to know I am expecting twins, I knew what I am signing up for. Life was going to be a roller coaster ride! Just like the heart, my hands were also always going to be full. I understood one thing early on that “Go with the flow” approach might not help me in long run. I needed to get more organised, read up & decide on STRATEGIES or PARENTING MANTRAS that would make my life easier & help my sanity. Yes, You heard it right – Strategies. With no elders or full time help around, it was just my husband & I who were expected to handle everything on our own. We decided on methods or trends of parenting that we will adopt, made informed choices & decisions & ended up in a very comfortable parenting space. Babywearing is one of those choices we made.


I had heard a lot about Babywearing & of-course had seen a lot of parents carrying their infants in popular easily available carriers. Little did I research & in a haste I ended up ordering a non ergonomic twin baby carrier – TwinTrexx from USA. Well, for initial few months that was also a blessing. At night when my daughters had severe gas & colic pain, I used to carry them one at a time & walk around inside the house till they fell asleep. But my life totally changed when I was introduced to Ergonomic Babywearing. My daughters were around 4 months old back then. Today they are 2.5+ years & still there is no looking back. Till date Babywearing is one of the best parenting choices I had ever made.


Here are 5 reasons why Babywearing was such a blessing for me

  • I was able to go out and enjoy with friends & family without leaving the kids behind or having to carry them in my arms all the while. It helped me feel like being a mother doesn’t mean being stuck inside the house with your kids. Babywearing taught me that motherhood doesn’t always need to be a painful and difficult time, but it can be a time full of joy, laughter, cuddles & smiles.


  • I was able to take 3 vacations, 4 flights, long hours train journeys & 100s of weekend outings even before my girls started to walk. For a lot of parents (& fellow passengers) a baby on the flight is a nightmare. We had 2 with us, but still we never had a uncomfortable situation. Most of the flights my daughters were sleeping snuggled on our chest inside the carriers. We had such wonderful vacations just because we always carried our carriers along.



  • I got to meet a lot of like minded people, made some awesome connections & friends through the connection of baby-wearing. I started as a learner in the baby-wearing meets & soon I was educating others on safe & comfortable use of Ergonomic Baby Carriers. I connected to Brand owners, Educators & a lot of new moms struggling & wanting to learn baby wearing by being a baby wearing mom myself.


  • I got to go out & enjoy some fun moments not just with my family & friends but also with strangers at times in some fun Baby-wearing sessions. I was able to walk a special Pinkathon for baby-wearing moms wearing my daughters, I was able to groove n dance in a Baby-wearing dance session and a lot more. I could have otherwise never imagined either leaving my kids behind & enjoying such sessions or being there with kids in my arms for that long.



  • The best of all is I got to meet some celebrities. In a way I felt like a celebrity myself. I made friends with Bayiravi Mani, who is owner of KolKol Baby Carriers (Click for link) & a gem of a person. The highlight of my Baby-wearing journey was when during a Pinkathon event I got to meet Milind Soman. Such a star struck moment it was!






P.S. – This blog is part of a series of 7 blogs on the theme of 7 Parenting Mantras that Helped my Sanity written as a part of BarAThon 2017.

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