Few days back I was watching NEWS when I heard a hate speech by a very influential political figure against the LGBT community. Of-course, its not new to us, right? We keep on hearing some or the other person, whether it be a politician or a self proclaimed god-men, someone from the right wing or a local gang, sometimes even the yoga gurus & the makers & gatekeepers of law talking trash about the LGBT community or ill-treating them all the time for having a preference in sexuality. I feel a kind of rage whenever I hear such stories. I mean why can’t someone chose what they want to be and whom they want to love. I started to read about the topic & was so sad to see people taking their kids to mental institutions to treat their queer-ism, making them do Yoga to change their sexual orientations, beating the shit out of their boys & make sure they ‘BEHAVE’ like boys.

It made me think. As a women and as a citizen I have my independent views & a stand towards LGBT rights. I completely believe that everyone should be allowed to love, be & express the way they wish. Personal choice is not a luxury but a basic human right everyone should be entitled to. But would my views be the same as a parent as well?

If tomorrow one of my daughter comes & tells me, “Mumma, I am not attracted towards boys. I find girls more attractive.” or if one of them tell me, “Maa, I feel suffocated inside the body of a girl. I think I am a boy’s soul trapped into the body of a girl.” How would I react then?

I am sure I would love them no matter what. I am not even going to think of the word “Accept them” here, because I have no right to accept or reject another human being.  But would I be taken aback even for one micro second if this happens? Would I feel worried for them and their social acceptance? Will I celebrate the fact that they came out of closet or would I ask them to keep it low tone? Would I be comfortable meeting their partner knowing they might never have a legal acceptance given to their relationship?

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions. All I know is I do have friends around who belong to LGBT community, friends who I love dearly but have seen struggling with even the basic human rights. Do they really deserve this hatred & being looked down upon? Don’t we all deserve to love & to be loved? Then how does it matter who we love?

So, my dear daughters, no matter how you choose to live life & who you chose to love, I will stand by you & support you… against all odds.


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