Introducing Alphabets to Pre-Schoolers with Skola’s Sandpaper Letter Tracing

Do you remember how Alphabets were taught back when we were in school? Or before we began school?

Some follow the system of making kids rote learn the alphabets, while some introduce it in print first. Some go the phonics way while some teach to trace the letters first. Some use posters while some use toys & books. Whatever the method is, if used properly helps in building a strong base for reading and writing in children.

If you have read my recent post about Sounds & Phonics, you would know that I am planning to introduce Alphabets & their sounds to my daughters soon. I recently received a product from Skola ToysSandpaper Letter Tracing. I am planning to use this product in different ways to be able to help my daughters with an overall knowledge of alphabets including Sound of the alphabets, Print awareness, Tracing with fingers & tracing with a chalk.


The set includes 26 wooden cards with sandpaper letters stuck to them. The vowels & consonant are different color cards for next level of skill building in kids. The cards come along with a wooden tray which makes it easier to manage the cards.


Let us look in detail the activities I have been doing with my daughters using the Skola Sandpaper Alphabet tracing toy to help them master the objectives of alphabets & their sounds.


Sounds of the Alphabets

It is important to introduce the sounds of the alphabets before introducing the alphabets in print & then simultaneously establishing a relationship between the sounds of the alphabets and how the alphabets look in print. I have introduced letter sounds to my kids through Phonics Song and now using the sandpaper tracing cards, I have been showing them what those sounds look like in print. This is helping them to understand that sounds can also help them read. Eventually, I hope to introduce CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words using sounds & these cards, thus helping them to be able to read those words.



Print Awareness

The next activity I have been planning to do using Sandpaper tracing alphabet cards is to help them understand that these alphabets are what the books & words in those books are made of. So another activity that I have planned is that I will show then alphabets in a set of three at a time & ask them to find the same alphabets in books & magazines that we have. This will increase their print awareness early on.



Tracing with Fingers

Tracing the sandpaper textured alphabets on the cards – the main intent of this toy is yet another activity I plan to introduce using this product. This will help them understand what lines & curves make a particular alphabet & will prepare them to be able to write those alphabets as a next step.




Copying with a chalk / Crayon

And finally, the last step in the cycle of a language development that needs to be added after sounds, reading & tracing – Writing. There is a bit of space on left side of alphabets in the cards. I am planning to paste chalkboard stickers or paper cutouts in that place & use it for kids to practice tracing the alphabets, starting from connecting dots initially to later copying the alphabet by just looking at it. This will develop their command over writing & help them to be able to write



So, these are just a few ways in which this amazing product can be used with preschoolers. You can find this as well as other amazing products by Skola Toys on their website. Also follow them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for updates.


Are there any more ways that you parents can think of? Please do let me know in comments if there are more ways in which I can use the cards & help my kids’ development further.

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