I am all alone and I am happy, can’t you see
Maybe this is how I was always meant to be – All Alone!

I made you in charge of my happiness and smile
You stomped on my heart and went your way
I cried and cried and it took me a while
To realize that all I need is just me to brighten up my day.

No matter with no one, I am happy that way!

Soon I forgot the pains of being with someone.
The compromises, the efforts, the sacrifices one has to make!
And I fell for his false words once again.
Only to be all alone, once again!

I wish to fall in love with none but myself this time.
To be happy & content with me,
Difficult as it may be, that’s how I am meant to be – All Alone!!

No, it’s not like I have no one who loves me,
No one who cares for me or pampers me.
But I push them away; don’t let them in my heart
Because I know – when the season would change
They’ll be gone their way, happy in their lives
And I’ll be once again heartbroken, miserable and All Alone!

So now I have decided to make myself the hero of my own story
The reason for my happiness, the star of my life
And I have decided to walk this path all alone

All alone, and happy!
Happy, but all alone!!



This poetry is inspired by Lanny Bruce’s famous poetry with the same title. This poetry he ended his stand up act with was recently popularised in the Amazon Prime series – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Watch it HERE.

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