A Peaceful Home Is What We All Love!

A peaceful home truly would be something we all would look forward to coming home to. No stress, the dinner on the table, every single toy put away, no crumbs in the sight, and no crying to be heard. Honestly, how many times can you say you’ve come back to a home where this is true? It just doesn’t happen. I don’t mean to be brutal, but my experience has taught me that as soon as you have kids, you really do hand a lot about your life over to them, and the chores that they bring along in life. It might be cleaning, cooking, bathing, sorting, counseling… the list could go on. And the fact that the list could go on is one of the reasons why as a parent, our life is never going to truly be peaceful like it was before kids, and I sing Jan or in a negative sense. But, what it can be, is interesting, full of fun, and full of great experiences that you can have with your family. However, today I won’t just share about just my experiences as a parent. I’ll here talk about how you can make your home life more peaceful, as that is most likely where you’re going to spend most of your time. You might be out for a couple of hours here and there apart from your job each week, but the main chaos happens in the home. So, here are some ways that you can make it a little more peaceful, I hope they work for you!
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Stop Creating Aggravation

Ok, so the first reason why you might feel as though your home is never peaceful is because there are many factors at play that are causing aggravation. Two of the main factors are you, and your kids. We’ll start with you, and how you might handle situations. Ok, so, it comes to the end of the night and you look around and see toys everywhere, food and drinks spilt, and messy children that desperately need a bath. Your stress levels are already rising just at the sight of it. You ask them to clean up, as the task would be too much on your own. They seem to create more mess. You ask again for them to tidy up, and after being ignored a 2nd time, you flip. You shout, start stomping about, and your kids start screaming. So, all of this can easily be solved. One, get involved with a little bit of play time for 10 minutes. It’ll relax all of you, and get them on your level. Next, ask that the lot of you start packing away, and the one who does it quickest gets a treat. Watch how they zoom off and the room is clean before you know it. Problem solved, anger reduced, and peace restored. There are so many better ways of dealing with things than getting angry all of the time, and we think it really can create a peaceful atmosphere if you give them a go!

Peaceful Activities

The second idea we have is peaceful activities. Kids like to be loud, they like to throw things, spill things, playfight… you name it, they probably like to do it. But, that doesn’t mean that what they’re doing is going to be any good for anybody. It actually raises their aggression levels, as well as makes your stress levels go through the roof. To make bedtime easier for example, you should try and start peaceful activities a couple of hours before bed. We really think painting is a great one as it’s so therapeutic, it helps to bring out creativity, and there isn’t much aggression to be found when painting. Right before you plan on taking them up for a bath, you should also get them to watch the TV, preferably a film with a blanket. It helps to fully relax them, stops them wanting to be super energetic, and you can all feel a bit of peace! Or, you could ask them what they want to do as well. Sometimes we’re so quick to try and force situations onto children. We ask them to do one thing, but they want to do another. So, before you know it, you have lots of angry little people to try and deal with. Even if their activity is going outside and playing, at least you have a state of calm in the sense that they’re not raging at having to do something they don’t want to do!

Set An Example

One thing you really need to be able to do is set an example. You won’t get anywhere in life if you don’t, and your kids certainly won’t grow up knowing how to deal with peaceful situations. Instead, all they will know is stress and disruption as well. We’re talking about the arguments you might have with your partner in front of them, and the arguments you might have with them. You especially need to be careful of this as they start getting older. One, they’ll start to realise what you’re arguing about, and the things you might be saying to them if you’re always getting angry. They’ll also start to resent you as they go into their teenage years, which is definitely something you don’t want to happen. If you stick to friendship, rather than focusing on being that parent who is always stressing around and creating arguments, it’ll make you so much more approachable, and a peaceful environment more accessible. If you feel as though you’re always arguing with your partner, you should definitely think about going to therapy. It’s never good to argue with a love one in the presence of young children, or even older children!

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Calm The Most Stressful Times

We’ve spoke about how to get rid of stress in a few different ways, but, we haven’t specifically spoken about some of the most stressful times. For parents, we think there are three times throughout the day that cause the most stress. Family outings, dinner time, and bedtime. We want to talk about bedtime because we feel that out of the three, it’s definitely the most stressful. After a long day, you want nothing more than to be able to get everyone in bed, and to finally have some you time. So, first of all, think about whether the room they’re going in to is actually inviting. If it lacks colour, some funk, and maybe even a bit of technology, it’s probably not. You can get kids cabin beds that are a good place to start. The cooler the bed, the more obligated your kids are going to be to jump right into it. Secondly, make the room as bright and interesting as possible. The more they have to look at, the easier it’s going to be. And finally, make sure that you’re staying with them in the room until they actually go sleepy. Don’t just shut the door and tell them to sleep, and hope they will. Play an active role in bedtime, and it will become a lot easier.

Ensure You’re Having Family Fun

You really need to make sure you’re finding ways to have some family fun, or else what’s the point in being a family. Make sure you try and have at least one family outing on the weekend. It’s so important to do this when you have children, as everything they see they learn from. They can have fun, explore, see new things, and enjoy time with their parents! It’s also going to help with giving them a sense of adventure as they grow older. But make sure you’re doing something that the whole family is going to find fun if you have more than one child!

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16 Responses

  1. Ruchie says:

    Trust me I really loved the entire post the way you have simply explained that for a happy family tips …I love bed time when I discuss my whole day

  2. Love reading your posts. This one is, equally good, as others.

  3. Mahak says:

    I think as you’ve mentioned in your first point, its all about your own outlook to the situation. Sometimes at the end of a long day you can’t help but feel tired, irritated and short tempered. The best thing is to take a deep breath, calmly assess the situation and then take a step. Also I think one important point is learning to let go. You may be a clean freak but you need to accept that with kids in the house, a little mess in inevitable. Or you may be a stickler for schedule and punctuality, but with kids, the schedule may go for a toss once in a while. These things really won’t matter in the big picture, so learn to just let go stressing over the small things.

  4. Wow that’s such a nice post family time is equally important for everyone, thank you for sharing this.

  5. Wow .. this post is a must read for many parents out there. Its so important for people to realise kids learn what they see. Their minds develop with the atmosphere around them so the more peaceful the better development

  6. having a peaceful home is of a prime essence for children and family. peaceful families always do well.

  7. I just loved this post buddy, how authentic and meaningful. Small points like this make a happy family.

  8. so true home is a place where we have many memories and we live with every object we have at home

  9. I love reading this post. It’s straight out of your heart. Parenting is such a mix of good and bad days. One day kids act out like sweetest angels and other days little devils. We stress out so much of our lives and forget those little moments of joy.

  10. It’s true in my case also. Really difficult to manage things in a proper way. But your tips are going to help me a lot.

  11. This just pours from your heart Shalu. It’s so obvious you wrote it with truthful emotion and it really spoke to me. “One thing you really need to be able to do is set an example. You won’t get anywhere in life if you don’t, and your kids certainly won’t grow up knowing how to deal with peaceful situations. Instead, all they will know is stress and disruption as well.” – This part is such a reality for everyone. All of us sometimes have arguments and stresses that we bring home but how we react to our problems in front of our kids is paramount. If we don’t do it for them, then who! ?

  12. Deepa Jaisingh says:

    setting an example is certainly my thing too. I do not preach but practice and yesterday my daughter helped me clean the house without asking for it.

  13. Neha says:

    Good tips. I know I could use a few. I had no idea a cool bed could also make a difference!

  14. Charu says:

    Quite a thoughtful post. As you said, we need to have a positive outlook and evaluate situations that don’t really require us to overthink and stress. Spending quality family time in our case is a big stress buster

  15. Ashvini Naik says:

    I really, really loved your post, Shalu.

    Rising tempers are part and parcel of a home with kids & sometimes letting go of the stress helps a lot in regaining our calm.

    And I can see a lot of your heart in this post.

  16. You are so right Shalu.. clean up times, bath time and bed time can actually be the opposite of what they are meant to be. I like your idea of making games out of everything. My husband does that. Most times I am just too exhausted to be creative. Ive started walking away when I feel like im going to blow my top off and i come back in 30 seconds, much calmer. This has helped me to have a peaceful time at home.

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