Being a parent is such a wonderful thing. But from the time that they are born to the time that they start school, it can really zoom on by. Not to mention the fact that those childhood years and then into teen years happens so fast too. They are not ours in our homes for too long, as they can be off on their journey to college and adulthood at eighteen. So capturing those moments together and those memories can be such a wonderful thing to look back on. But what are some of the best ways to capture those memories so that you’ll have them to remember forever? Here are a few simple suggestions.



Image Source – Pixabay


Start a Blog


Ues, you’ve guessed it, starting a blog can be such a wonderful way to capture moments with your children or the little things that they say. You don’t have to have a public blog if you don’t want to, but it can be such a fun way to document things.


Create Email Addresses


Creating an email address for each of your children can be such a fun thing to do. Then when you are on your phone, you can email over a photo to that address or email over something funny that they said or something cute that they did. Then you could give them the password to the email on their eighteenth birthday for a fun surprise.


Get Into Photography


Photos are such wonderful memories too. But sometimes, the snaps on our phones aren’t going to be a great quality to share with others. So if you are interested in this, then you could get into photography and you could even be looking at somewhere like Training Connection and their photoshop courses so that you can edit them to perfection. These could just be images that you keep for yourself, or you could create a private Instagram profile for each of your children, where you upload the photos to so that you and they can look back on them in years to come.


Keepsake Box


Having a box of memories to treasure can be such a good idea, and a lovely way to preserve everything that was precious. It could start with things they had as a baby, and go all the way up to being an adult. It could be things that they do in school, photographs, or their favorite toys. Then when you need a nostalgic moment, you can look back on it and reminisce.


Journal Writing

These days journals have kind of been replaced by blogs. But if you prefer the old age method of putting pen to paper, then writing a journal for your children can be a really lovely thing to do. You could include the things that you have done together, as well as how you were feeling. Little quotes of things that they have done or said can be really lovely too. It can be a nice thing to keep in the family and pass down from generation to generation.