2019 for Milie and Buddy!

As a parent, I have a lot of dreams for my kids. Not dreams that I would want them to fulfill for me or on my behalf. But dreams of how I want to play a role in their life and be a role model. Dreams about what kind of human beings I want them to be when they grow up. Dreams about how they treat others. And it all begins from ME – how I conduct myself when they are watching and even when they aren’t.


Although I do not believe in resolutions, but I do believe that we all need to introspect and reflect on how we have been in past to make our future better, in all respects.


Looking back at 2018, I have decided to make certain changes in me, my behavior, my attitude, and my lifestyle.  And my daughters being a major part of my life, a lot of what I have decided to either change or incorporate new is about or around them. So, here are 3 things that would be new in 2019 for Milie and Buddy!!


1) On the eve of Christmas when the three of us were talking about Santa and how Santa comes on the night of Christmas to give gifts to all kids, they wrote a letter to Santa. A letter where they mentioned what they want as a gift. Buddy asked me if she can write more than one items on her list? I was telling her that each kid gets only one gift. It was a little shocking for me when her reply to this was, “Is Santa’s BUDGET limited? He can not AFFORD extra gifts? Or are these gifts too EXPENSIVE? I realized maybe I use these words way too often in front of my kids. I agree I have financial issues, but I would never want my kids to grow beyond their age because of my shortcomings. I would never want it to affect them. So my first resolution is to NEVER  let my financial condition affect them. Of course, that doesn’t mean I will fulfill all their unreasonable demands, No I won’t!! But I would definitely avoid letting it become their concern.



2) I have always been an advocate of talking to kids about their bodies and how to keep themselves safe from very early on. This year, just like all past years, I will ensure that the level of conversation grows further and I make sure my girls are aware enough and brave enough to be able to say NO, to be able to stand up against bullies, molesters, of they face any. A few weeks back we had an incident which made me realize how important it is to teach our kids to say NO and to empower them and trust them. Read about the incident in the Instagram post. So in 2019, I have decided to keep strengthening the level of mature conversations between the three of us and ensure they are safe even when I am not around to supervise!


3) One thing I do not want to miss upon is to be an integral part of their education & formative years. I am a working mom and it really worries me whether I am doing enough for them or not. It’s easier to send them to a good school and a good daycare. But that doesn’t mean my responsibility is done! In 2019, now that Milie and Buddy are 4+, I have decided to make sure that I involve myself in their education. so 2019 for Milie and Buddy will not just be a year of excellent learning at school, but also a lot of moral and life skill lessons from their Dreamer Mum!


That’s what I wish for my kiddos in 2019! What about you? What’s your 2019 resolution???



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27 Responses

  1. Beautiful post and very sensible resolutions. I truly hope you achieve them all. Thanks for being a part of this train.

  2. You are doing great job Shalu. Educating children about safety and money early is so important. They absorb each words and understand it . My toddler can identify his body parts and scream NO when anyone other than parents and grandparents try touching him.

  3. Ramya says:

    Great resolutions and I feel, every parent should make these. Iam glad that your kids understood and really implemented what you told about safety.

  4. Maya Bhat says:

    These resolutions are nwed of the hour in today’s time. May you achieve all of them. Happy year ahead ☺️

  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I loved the point second and I also do same with my girls time to time. indeed body safety learning is need of hour and as a parent we all should try to teach our kids. #NYR2019

  6. alpanadeo says:

    Kudos to you Shalu and kudos to the brave girls. I agree sometimes, kids pick up our words and repeat it occasionally. This makes us think how careful we should be whenever holding any conversation not with them but in front of them. The incident you mentioned, I must say at this young age, it is a brave step. Big hug to them.

  7. Your article is amazingly relevant. Concepts of role models, being assertive and saying NO and also that financial literacy could be a big time helpful in future
    Good read

  8. Yes, learning to say NO unhesitatingly and without guilt is an art that is vital. Loved the post.

  9. This is wonderful resolution all three of them are so important, I completely understand that we speak about finances in front of kids even I will avoid pilling up my burden on them, not even indirectly. its really a wonderful blog.

  10. Very reasonable and sensible resolutions there. I am teaching my girl to say “no” as well . sooner the better. ?

  11. Amazing and much needed resolutions for kids in today’s fast changing times. Keep it up and believe in yourself.

  12. Loved reading the post. Could relate to every bit of it. Right from Avisha’s birth “Good touch, bad touch” has always been my concern. The fear of someone doing something wrong to her always keeps bothering me. Though she is only 19 months but it’s not easy to bring up a girl because of this fear.
    And don’t worry about your short comings. Your doing really well. All the best ?

  13. Prerna Wahi says:

    Nice post with practical and attainable resolutions. Well drafted post. Good luck to you!

  14. Great resolutions and achievable too. Wish you all the luck

  15. God bless you for having such grounded resolutions for your kids and all the best.

  16. This post has been the one that touched me the most in this blog train series. You are doing a fantastic job of raising two independent and brave girls. And they are lucky to have a mother like you who caters to their needs and makes them her priority. I wish you all the love and luckin fulfillment of your resolutions

  17. I am definitely taking some tips along with me from here. Great resolutions and I am sure mom’s always have doubts about us doing enough to the kids. Have a great 2019 with the lovely girls ? thanks for sharing this vartika:)

  18. Disha says:

    A great job at helping them identify Danger and keeping up with their trust. Hope this year adds good adventures for you all! ?

  19. Practical resolutions. Good luck to you and your cuties. God bless. Interesting take.

  20. Sudeept says:

    The importance of point 2 can not be emphasized enough! It’s really unfortunate that the world has come to this. Nonetheless, it’s our moral duty as parents/guardians to make our young ones aware of all the potential dangers lurking around in the society and train them in advance so that they’re prepared to take care of themselves if and when the need arises and we are not around to watch over them.

    More power to you and your girls ?

  21. This is a beautiful post. With your first point, I realized that I also use certain words so much that my son has picked them up. And despite he does not know their use, he keeps using them. I will correct that for sure.

  22. Anagha Yatin says:

    Resolutions based on facts and own experiences always give 100% results. I can see a lot of pragmatism here and so proud to know you and your ways of parenting.
    Wishing you, Buddy and Millie very best not only for this year but all through out your lives.

  23. You have made me realise my duties as a mother. How thought provocative is your blog! All powers to you on financial front. I am very sure a moment like you would bring up wonderful responsible kids. All have tough times. I am sure you will conquer it all,dreamermum

  24. These are resolutions every parent should have. Such practical and sensible tips that would help kids for a lifetime. Good luck with your resolutions and cheers to achieving them all this year!

  25. Milie is a brave girl just read the insta post. She’s such a sweetheart and I love that these days parents make kids understand the importance of good and bad touch. Back than this was like a taboo and kids kept numb about every situation.
    Well done dear and this is a great post ❤️?
    #healthy #healtheatinghabits #blogtrain #NYR2019 #Newyear_bloghop

  26. You have your priorities right!! You are doing an amazing job. I loved the Yell, Run and Tell concept. I have a 20 month old and I know what to teach her and every other girl I see from now on. Thanks for this wonderful post, totally loved it!!

  27. It’s true that today’s kids are smarter and know much more than their age kids should know. My daughters also use these words expensive, budget often and now after reading your post I know the reason behind it. thanks for sharing your thoughts shalu.

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