As a parent, I have a lot of dreams for my kids. Not dreams that I would want them to fulfill for me or on my behalf. But dreams of how I want to play a role in their life and be a role model. Dreams about what kind of human beings I want them to be when they grow up. Dreams about how they treat others. And it all begins from ME – how I conduct myself when they are watching and even when they aren’t.


Although I do not believe in resolutions, but I do believe that we all need to introspect and reflect on how we have been in past to make our future better, in all respects.


Looking back at 2018, I have decided to make certain changes in me, my behavior, my attitude, and my lifestyle.  And my daughters being a major part of my life, a lot of what I have decided to either change or incorporate new is about or around them. So, here are 3 things that would be new in 2019 for Milie and Buddy!!


1) On the eve of Christmas when the three of us were talking about Santa and how Santa comes on the night of Christmas to give gifts to all kids, they wrote a letter to Santa. A letter where they mentioned what they want as a gift. Buddy asked me if she can write more than one items on her list? I was telling her that each kid gets only one gift. It was a little shocking for me when her reply to this was, “Is Santa’s BUDGET limited? He can not AFFORD extra gifts? Or are these gifts too EXPENSIVE? I realized maybe I use these words way too often in front of my kids. I agree I have financial issues, but I would never want my kids to grow beyond their age because of my shortcomings. I would never want it to affect them. So my first resolution is to NEVER  let my financial condition affect them. Of course, that doesn’t mean I will fulfill all their unreasonable demands, No I won’t!! But I would definitely avoid letting it become their concern.



2) I have always been an advocate of talking to kids about their bodies and how to keep themselves safe from very early on. This year, just like all past years, I will ensure that the level of conversation grows further and I make sure my girls are aware enough and brave enough to be able to say NO, to be able to stand up against bullies, molesters, of they face any. A few weeks back we had an incident which made me realize how important it is to teach our kids to say NO and to empower them and trust them. Read about the incident in the Instagram post. So in 2019, I have decided to keep strengthening the level of mature conversations between the three of us and ensure they are safe even when I am not around to supervise!

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"*Teach Them To Say NO*" ❌ I had a 'Parenting Done Right' moment and feeling super proud of myself as well as this little champ. 👩‍👧‍👧 We were coming back from school. I was helping Buddy to get on the auto rickshaw and this one was behind me when I heard a loud scream of NO. Worried I looked back and saw the auto driver scared to death looking at me and saying, " I swear I did not do anything." 😱 I asked Milie what happened when she told me that 'Bhaiya was trying to pick me up and I screamed NO.' ❌ Didi, I was trying to help her sit in the auto, the driver told me. I know he wasn't wrong or his intentions were not wrong. I assured the driver that I am not doubting him or his intentions, but still took another auto, because I also wanted Milie to know that if someday she comes up to me with a complaint that someone tried to touch her, I would believe her and take all required actions. . . Meanwhile, I feel super proud that all talking and training about appropriate touch and "Yell, Run & Tell" is getting deep rooted in their minds. . . #goodtouchbadtouch #goodtouch #badtouch #happyparent #proudparent #opencommunication #parenting #parentingdoneright #positiveparenting #goodparenting #kidsofinstagram #nomeansno #dreamer #dreamermum #DreamerLife

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3) One thing I do not want to miss upon is to be an integral part of their education & formative years. I am a working mom and it really worries me whether I am doing enough for them or not. It’s easier to send them to a good school and a good daycare. But that doesn’t mean my responsibility is done! In 2019, now that Milie and Buddy are 4+, I have decided to make sure that I involve myself in their education. so 2019 for Milie and Buddy will not just be a year of excellent learning at school, but also a lot of moral and life skill lessons from their Dreamer Mum!


That’s what I wish for my kiddos in 2019! What about you? What’s your 2019 resolution???



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