Courage over Comfort

All she had known all her life was that women are not suppose to go to school & stay indoors. She couldn’t remember a day she has been out of her house alone.


She had often seen her Amma getting beaten up by her Appa and all these years she thought this is how it is, thus never complained when her husband used to beat her up.


She had never worked for money & didn’t know how successful she would be if she tried. She has always lived in the comfort of her own room & kitchen.


But today she decided to break the wheel – for the sake of her daughter, for the sake of herself. She would never want her daughter to grow up believing that it’s OK for a husband to┬ácontrol, dominate, abuse or rape his wife.


So, She Quit! She exited the marriage & she let go of her comfort & her fears too!


Today, 20 years later she runs a huge Non-Governmental organization that works to get victims out of an abusive marriage, helps women get back on their feet after they are separated or divorced. She wanted to become a role model for her daughter Saira, and she became one for million others too!


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  1. It takes a lot of courage to leave an abusive relationship. Glad she was able to do that

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