100 Words 26 Emotions – # 12 Loneliness

Sometimes you feel like there is a whole world around you, especially when you need someone.

But sometimes you feel as if you are just on your own, with no one by your side but you yourself. That creeping feeling of Loneliness, a feeling as dark as death, sometimes worse.

It makes you sometimes wonder – Is being an orphan at times better than being the one who is unloved & abandoned by family & loved ones?

For a while, being alone can give one time to introspect, but loneliness, for a longer period can drag a person in a dark, depressing place.

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  1. True. Loneliness is a malady. It is a state of mind. One can be lonely in the middle of a crowd. . Many people go to mountains for silent quest of inner self. Being alone is a matter of choice. One is not necessarily a lonely number.