पापू, I love you like no other man!

You struggle with your time between me and your work,

But when you come home back to me, I see that smile that I bring to your life!


पापू, I trust you like no other man!

I see the rage in your eyes when you read a news about a little girl molested,

And the urge to keep me safe & secure, the measures that you take!


पापू, I look up to you like no other man!

For I see the way you are the pillar of strength for our family,

And the way you teach by actions what family means & stands for!


पापू, I adore you like no other man!

For the determination & grit, you have taught me in life,

And I know I will grow up to be a compassionate person just like you


पापू, I need you like no other man!

I know someday I will meet my prince charming who will sweep me off my feet,

But you will forever be the king of my heart my prince would need to match himself up to!


पापू, I support you like no other man!

For I know I am the reason you kept going all those years,

When life was tough and there was nothing but my innocent face to look at & cheer you up!


I Love You My Adorable पापू!!!